Learning Experience

Learning Experience

Hosted on the innovative HBS Online platform, CSML courses are entirely virtual, highly interactive, and case-based. Course participants:

  • Engage in case-based learning with HGSE and HBS faculty on topics that include education, business, and policy
  • Watch virtual case studies featuring leaders from a representative cross-section of U.S. K-12 schools and businesses, and analyze the leaders’ experiences, insights, and best practices
  • Engage in interactive activities to learn and network with a diverse group of participants who hold school leadership positions worldwide
  • Reflect on their practice, knowledge, skills, and understandings—and identify opportunities to apply course learnings to their unique context
  • Gain first hand experience with the case-based and inductive learning model
  • Learn in a flexible, online platform that creates a powerful peer-to-peer learning experience adapted to fit school leaders’ busy schedules

Each CSML course takes place over four weeks and will require approximately three to five hours of work each week. Course activities are both rigorous and flexible.

The course learning format allows participants to choose when within a given week they complete an assignment, while engaging with specific content and projects during designated time periods.

This approach enables cohort members to work through the course elements together and fosters peer-to-peer learning, a vital component of the CSML experience. Participants will be able to download course materials including key takeaways at the end of each week.

Please note: Leading Change, Leading School Strategy & Innovation, Leading People, and Leading Learning are each individual courses. While we generally run available courses simultaneously, we do not recommend that participants enroll in more than one course at a time.

Certificate at a Glance

Faculty Research World-class Harvard faculty research adapted to the PreK-12 school context
Online icon  100% online and interactive
Case Studies Features case studies of leaders from a diverse cross-section of schools and businesses from across the country
Global Networking Icon Global peer network of school leaders
Solutions icon Develop a toolkit and solutions that are tailored to improving your school
Sequence icon Select from four courses to develop your own learning sequence
Schedule icon Take courses at a pace that fits your schedule

What Participants Are Saying

With these courses, you’re examining ‘How can I shift the way people think?’ I came away with research-based strategies I could immediately use.

While the coursework through the CSML program provided the structure and rationale for highly effective leadership, the access to a cadre of exceptional leaders from across the world was equally beneficial as we continue to connect and navigate these challenges together.

- Aubree Mills, Principal, Peoria, Arizona